What To Expect At Your Cat's Health Check-Up

During the health check-up, your veterinarian will conduct a thorough examination of your cat. Here’s what to expect during the health check-up examination:

  • A review of your cat’s previous health records
  • Discuss medications your cat is currently taking, including flea prevention products
  • Note weight and age changes since the last examination
  • Ask about any lifestyle changes in your cat
  • Perform a physical examination including: teeth, mouth, eyes, ears, skin, coat, and paws
  • Ask about any unusual behaviour in your cat, such as drinking more water, eating less or more, sleeping less or more, a change in activity level, or toileting behaviour and litter tray use
  • Treat any current condition, such as ear infection or ear mites
  • A dental check to see if cleaning is necessary
  • If early disease signs are detected, a recommendation for further tests
  • A recommendation of appropriate vaccinations to help prevent disease.